We’re no strangers to different cultures, and visitors to our blog know how much we love East Indian weddings. Esther & Nathan gave us the opportunity to experience a Chinese wedding and we couldn’t have been more excited!

We had our first experience of the fun games played on the wedding morning. Nathan had to bargain with the bridesmaids to gain entry to the house and join Esther. Luckily, his groomsmen did some of the dirty work for him (Simon took the brunt of the punishment – we could see why Nathan chose him as best man!). Tasks included bringing coffee and snacks for the bridesmaids, jumping jacks, burpees, sharing an intimate moment with another groomsman (we’re not putting that one on the blog!), and wearing a lacy pink bra.

Once inside, Nathan had to guess which lip imprint on a piece of paper was his bride’s…

…and write her a rap song, professing his love. It was pretty good… “My name is Nathan and I’m here to say, I’m here to get Esther and take her away”!

A tea ceremony followed with Esther’s family.

Esther spent a lot of time on the U of A campus, and chose that as their portrait location.

The ceremony was at the Knox Metropolitan Church in Old Strathcona/Garneau.  It was really cool for Michael, because his parents got married in that church!  We had never been inside.  He could imagine his parents, decades ago, making the same commitment to each other that Esther and Nathan were making.  Michael’s parents are happily married with a growing family, and we wish Esther and Nathan such joy and longevity in their marriage.


The reception at the Sutton Place Hotel was incredible.  Easily the best food and service we have experienced all year.

These little dolls are so adorable!

Esther and Nathan did something really cool – they walked around to each and every table with their bridal party and parents to toast with all of the guests.  It was a special way for them to thank everyone for coming.


Another wedding with two dresses! Both of Esther’s were fantastic – I’m jealous again!

In celebration of the end of her diet, that she has faithfully followed in order to look her best at the wedding (which she did, wow!), Esther requested McDonald’s cheeseburgers for the midnight lunch at the wedding.  Every time I see this photo, I can hear Esther sighing in satisfaction – you made it, girl!


Thank you both so much for the incredible experience.  We can’t wait for our next Chinese wedding!

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  1. Audra Colpitts - Vancouver Photographer posted the following on May 20, 2010 at 12:05 pm.

    Great coverage of this Chinese wedding. I love the games they played with the groom and groomsmen. Too fun! :)

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