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Kristy & Pat both got ready at the Best Western in Stony Plain – it was awesome for us to be able to move back and forth between the rooms, running interference to make sure they didn’t cross paths in the hallway.

We’ll start off with their unique rings.

I’m amazed at Kristy – she can even make curlers look beautiful.

The hotel had the most beautiful hallways, with stunning light streaming through. I couldn’t help myself.

Michael spent most of the morning with the guys. I’m super excited about this image.

The ceremony at the Blueberry Community Hall was not without laughs, like when Pat missed the ‘repeat after me’ part and everyone was waiting for his response…or when the wedding rings somehow got left in the truck… Kristy & Pat just let everything slide, the details didn’t matter, just that they left as man and wife!

I’d like to give special thanks to my baby bump for this one – I was laying on the ground, balancing the camera on the bump – it was the perfect height for the shot!  (Thanks to the groomsmen who helped me up off the ground too…not an easy task these days!)

Pat is…well…quite a guy.  He’s hilarious, and was coming up with his own poses the whole time. Including this one…

Can you tell how much we love our job?  Michael makes a great light stand.

Thanks for a wonderful time Kristy & Pat – you two are such an awesome match for each other, and we’re so glad we got to spend your wedding day with you.

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