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Preyona & Dileep’s wedding is TODAY! We want to wish them very warm congratulations as they start their new life together.  I can’t wait to see Preyona in a couple of hours.  She is warm and bubbly, and I know we’re going to have a great time laughing all day.  Dileep is a wonderful partner for Preyona, watching him help her up and down hills during the shoot and carrying her shoes was heartwarming. It’s easy to see how much he loves her, and I can’t wait to see his face as she walks down the aisle today.

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Param & Ronnie’s wedding was a great blend of cultures: East Indian and Carribean. It was really cool to see Ronnie’s family experience the Indian ceremonies for the first time, and for Param’s family to dance to soca music at the reception!

The ladies’ sangeet was the first time for a lot of the family members meeting each other. Crazy colours, crazy dancing, and great food.

Param prepared for the wedding with the manya, chura, and mehndi ceremonies.

The Sikh ceremony was first at Gurdwara Nanaskar, one of the most impressive places of worship we’ve been to.

As Param sat down at the front with Ronnie, he mouthed the word “WOW”. I couldn’t agree more – she looked incredible.

Another wow.

The timing was perfect for canola field pictures, and luckily there was a fantastic one right across from the Gurdwara. We stole Param & Ronnie away after the ceremony for these shots.

The always tearful doli. There’s nothing held back at this ceremony. Pure emotion.

Sunshine greeted the newly married couple at Ronnie’s family home.

Next up, the christian ceremony, at the Millwoods Pentecostal assembly. I was so jealous of Param – two amazing outfits, and she got to marry the man she loves twice!

I think you’ll agree that she is hot, hot, hot!

Fun bridal party session. Check out the group shot of the guys – one of Michael’s best I think!

The reception at Meridian Banquet Hall was awesome, and everyone had fun dancing to the blend of music: bhangra, and soca. You could tell who belonged to which family by the type of music that was playing!

The bridal party did a crazy choreographed dance to Jai Ho!

Param & Ronnie: your infections smiles and warm personalities make everyone around you joyful. Your wedding was a beautiful celebration of your love, and we were so happy to be part of it.

In continuing with their theme of portrait sessions through the seasons, Ashu and Garry went to the Legislature to capture pictures in the beautiful winter lights.  It was very chilly but they braved the cold in evening wear.  We were able to get some very stylish pictures of the two of them.

Alberta Legislature Lights

Edmonton Winter Portraits

Winter Portraits Edmonton

Edmonton Winter Style

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