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Our poor neglected blog….we’re shooting faster than we can blog these days, but I’m hoping we’ll catch up soon.

Michael and Christy were on hand for Gurpreet & Param’s wedding earlier this month.

The celebrations started the week earlier with an engagement ceremony and sangeet. Check out Param’s shoes – sweet!

On the wedding day, even Gurpreet was helping everyone get ready.

The ceremony was at the beautiful Gurdwara Singh Sabha.

It’s always a very calm time when we finally get the couple alone on the wedding day. They have been surrounded by friends and family for days, and the stress just falls away while we hang out with them.

Param decided to have a run at the door at the doli – I love this shot Christy grabbed of him!

But no luck, he still had to negotiate his way in.

Both Christy and Michael captured amazing images of the doli.

This shot of Michael’s is especially emotional.

Gurpreet & Param were a very ambitious couple – they had their ceremony and reception on the same day!  For many East Indian weddings the bride is up at 4 or 5 am getting ready, and couples tend to have the reception the following day.  It was a very long day for everyone, but the party at the Delta was fantastic and Gurpreet & Param partied long into the night.

Look at this fantastic cake!  It was made by Kinnickinnick Bakery. (It’s gluten free!)

And, as usual, Michael got in on the action.  That’s my crazy dancing husband, always the life of the party.  There always seems to be someone wanting a picture with him.

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