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Michael almost didn’t shoot LeAnne & Brody’s wedding. Here’s what happened.

Michael did engagement photos for LeAnne and Brody last year. At the time, they hadn’t really started to plan the wedding, but wanted some beautiful photos to share their news with the world. When it came time to plan, a family friend graciously offered to do their wedding photos for them. It was a friend who is a great photographer, but not a professional wedding photographer by trade. After reading an article that I wrote about the benefits of hiring a professional wedding photographer, LeAnne called, hoping that we still had her date available. She said that her photos are so important to her, and because Michael had done such a great job on the engagement photos, she knew the wedding photos would be fantastic. Luckily Michael was still available, and the result is the beautiful post I’m sharing with you today. It’s not only the images that he was able to capture, but also the gorgeous professional album that LeAnne and Brody will enjoy that they will have from their experience with a professional photographer.

So let’s get to some pictures, shall we?

These little angel pins are a cute touch to the bouquets. I love that we get to see details from the wedding that others may not notice during the day.

It’s always exciting for me to go through the images that Michael captures from weddings that he does without me – I wasn’t part of the day, but I can feel every moment as I scroll through the photos. I love this one.

Um yeah, that’s a Ferrari.

A sweet moment with Brody and his mom caught by our second shooter Christy who took pictures of the groom’s side getting ready.

A great candid of LeAnne arriving to the ceremony at Bethel Lutheran Church.

LeAnne’s dad was very emotional walking her down the aisle. I burst into tears when I saw these images, thinking of my own dad and how proud he was to be at my wedding, and how lucky I was to have him walk me down the aisle. That, and the pregnancy hormones probably don’t help (for those of you who don’t know – our second little one is on the way in January! That little tidbit is a reward for those of you who thoroughly read my long stories…)

I don’t usually choose bridal party photos to post on the blog, but I had to share this one. So beautiful!

And, of course, fun times with the guys.

LeAnne & Brody. So happy to be Mr. & Mrs.

The ceremony at the Westin was filled of crazy kissing games, and wild dancing.

LeAnne & Brody, thank you for choosing us for your journey, congratulations!

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