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Sue-Ny and Danny were married in her church, the New Apostolic Church on Connors road. Family and friends came, many from long distances to witness their marriage.

During the ceremony, Danny surprised Sue-Ny with a new ring at the altar!

We went to a lookout at the top of the River Valley for some pictures so that their out of town friends can family could see the beauty of Edmonton in their pictures. We also visited the new plaza in front of the Federal Building for a great view of the Alberta Legislature building.

After their couples photos we went to Maharaja Banquet Hall for the reception. Sue-Ny and Sanny’s loved ones helped them to pull off a beautiful DIY party. It is apparent how close everyone at the wedding is. Friends and family in the wedding speeches told great stories going back to their childhood.

– Michael

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Jody & Bib had the luxury of having two weddings!  Their first was surrounded by family in friends in a beautiful orchard in Kelowna.  The second was a big fun Indian party here in Edmonton, and I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding week here.

The week of festivities got started with a mehndi/dance party.

mehndi edmonton wedding

Shana Chowdhury edmonton mehndi makeup hair stylist artist

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The Puja and Vatna ceremonies were photographed by Stephanie of Scade Photography – she captured some fantastic images!  Thank you so much Stephanie!

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Sylist Shana Chowdhury did Jody’s mehndi, hair, and makeup for the wedding.  Talk about multi-talented!

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This is not Bib’s wallet.  But…a little game involving pinching his nose, and him grabbing a sari resulted in him getting a wallet!  Happy wedding day!

hindu wedding games

More games: whoever grabs the wedding ring and/or dollar coin wears the pants. I’m not really sure who won at the end of the day – there were several rounds. (Thanks for this one Christy).

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Bib and his guys have spent a lot of time hanging out at the Elephant and Castle and it was important for him to have some photos there.  It was pretty awesome just chilling out with them then.  (Special thanks to all the guys for scaring the crap out of me during the ceremony – you know what I’m talking about…and to ‘Rob’ in particular for being lots of fun).

elephant and castle edmonton

Jody & Bib got ready for their reception at the gorgeous and modern Matrix Hotel.

wedding lengha

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groom getting ready indian wedding

You’re about to see a glimpse of what I can do in 7 minutes.  We were running a bit late for the reception, and didn’t have much time for photos. With my second shooter Christy’s help we were a whirlwind of activity and the Matrix hotel was such a lovely location to work in.  It wasn’t until I got home that night and curiously looked at the time stamps of the photos that I realized how long the shoot was.

matrix hotel edmonton wedding

matrix hotel edmonton wedding reception

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Christy had a different angle:

matrix hotel edmonton photographer

Jody’s mom did some of the decor and all the florals at the reception.  It was amazing watching her work – she wanted everything for her daughter’s wedding to be perfect.

maharaja banquet hall wedding reception

After taking bollywood dance classes, Jody & Bib WOWED everyone with a spirited performance.

bollywood dance class edmonton

And the rest is history! The guests danced the night away.  Jody & Bib – your wedding (part 2) was so much fun, congratulations!

I started my relationship with Farzana and Aly with a conference call, and ended with Aly asking me to bring my daughter to his wedding reception (she’s a bit too little though!).  These two make a very special couple, Farzana’s bubbly smile is infectious, and Aly is one of the most thoughtful grooms I have worked with.

Sonia Sajnani helped Farzana look her best on her wedding day. Farzana was incredibly relaxed, I could hardly believe I was walking into the house of a bride getting ready!

Edmonton bridal mehndi

Farzana and Aly had a really cute first meeting before their ceremony.

First glance wedding photos

This was my second time at the Belle Rive Jamatkhana.

Edmonton muslim wedding ceremony belle rive

Edmonton muslim wedding

muslim wedding ring exchange

Thanks in particular to my second shooter Erika who traveled up from Canmore for this wedding. This next shot was Erika’s brainchild.

Edmonton wedding photographer

Edmonton muslim wedding photographer

The couple prepped at the Union Bank Inn prior to their reception.

Union bank in wedding

Farzana revealed the secret: this is how Indian brides make it through multi-day weddings!

Union bank in wedding reception

I can’t decide which ring shot is my favourite – which is yours?

union bank inn edmonton wedding

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A few games, ceremonies and performances kicked off the reception, which featured a zumba dancer!

maharaja banquet hall

wedding reception games

wedding reception performance

maharaja wedding reception

Congratulations Farzana and Aly, it was a pleasure working with you!

These two love each other. That’s the first thing that you will notice about them. And during their wedding week, they just wanted to have fun, relax, and enjoy. Now don’t get me wrong, they still had all of the pre-wedding events and long days, but they took it all in stride, and seemed completely stress-free during the whole event. Jasmine & Nav, you were an absolute pleasure to work with, here is a peek at your photos!

First I’ll start with a few engagement photos – I think Michael took them on quite a journey through the forest for these images, but it was worth it!

Here’s a little side story: when we first moved into Terwillegar we got recognized by the pharmacist at our local Save-On. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty cool. A few years later, she was finally a guest at one of our weddings! Her sister is an incredible florist, (the company is Jewels and Rays) and provided much of the floral decor for Jasmine & Nav’s wedding.

In case you were wondering how many days we shot for:


The mehndi party was lots of fun for everyone.

Jasmine’s sister is a fantastic dancer!

This was the favour at the ladies sangeet party, such an awesome idea!

At the chura ceremony there was some back and forth between the two sides – see if you can spot which auntie switched teams.

And in a backyard across town…

These ladies had their priorities straight…watching the playoffs during the party. Do you think Vancouver will win the cup?

Wedding Day! Jasmine looked incredible.

Jasmine & Nav had their reception the same day as the ceremony – after a quick wardrobe change we caught some amazing light with them, and were even treated to watching a hot air balloon flight.


The reception at Maharaja Banquet Hall was very lighthearted. Check out the canvas at the entry way! The colours all worked so well together.

We’ve grown very close to Nitu & Jessie over the last several years, seeing them at various weddings and other events, and being with them along the way for their engagement and wedding planning. They were there for us when my dad passed away this year, and when Nitu’s grandmother passed away several days before the wedding our hearts broke for them. We immediately printed up copies of photos of her we had taken from their engagement party, and did all we could to support Nitu during such a hard time. Despite the sad news, Nitu & Jessie’s wedding was a joyous event, and both families were so happy to celebrate the union. As you have probably seen from their engagement sessions we posted recently, Nitu & Jessie are an adorable couple, with a wicked sense of humour.

Soon we’ll be having dinner and drinks and giving them a preview disc of their images, but for now here is a taste of their wedding day and reception.

Our second-shooter Raymond got to see his first turban construction.

Nitu had beautiful touches of blue in her wedding lengha.

I’m waiting for our first Western wedding with a 27 person bridal party but I don’t think it’s going to happen…

This is so cheesy, and so Bollywood, but somehow it just works.

Jessie is a soccer fanatic, in fact he injured his foot a few days before the wedding playing soccer, so going to Foote field for photos on his wedding day was a must.

His passion was also a weakness during the doli, the bridesmaids used it as a part of their negotiations for more money to release Nitu to Jessie.

There’s usually barely any room for us to stand during the doli. Raymond was on the fence about shooting this one….literally!

Jessie applies sindoor (red powder) to Nitu’s forehead to signify her status as a married woman.

On the reception day, Michael and I had a blast partying with everyone. We picked Nitu & Jessie up at their hotel, and whisked them away for some photos before the reception.

Finally, Nitu is the same height as Jessie!

The reception at Maharaja Banquet Hall was beautifully decorated. Check out this amazing entrance decor!

And the cake with special lighting touches looked beautiful.

Jessie’s uncle, Edmonton City Councillor Amarjeet Sohi, had some words of wisdom for the couple.

Following an energetic dance performance, the party really got started! After we were done taking pictures, I took all of the gear home, and Michael stayed an partied…and got home at 3 am. I think he had a good time!

UPDATE: Nitu & Jessie’s wedding has been featured on the wedding blog ‘Red White and Diamonds’! You can see more images, including pre-wedding events (and a special appearance by Spongebob) on Red, White, and Diamonds.

We were so blessed to be a part of Nitu and Jessie’s engagement party. These two are such a warm and fun couple, we see a beautiful connection between them, and look forward to their wedding in 2010.

The ceremony was held at Nitu’s family home in South Edmonton. Nitu looked incredible.

Following prayers, Nitu and Jessie were given gifts, and Nitu was adorned with jewellery.

She’s smiling, but it was quite a process to get those earrings in!

This is a beautiful shot that Michael captured, I think it’s such a wonderfully simple moment amidst a crowd of family and friends.

Jessie’s name in Nitu’s mendhi!

Following the ceremony we were able to steal Nitu and Jessie away for a few moments for photos – they were relaxed and fun despite being very hungry!

I mean, really, could Nitu be any cuter?

The party (par-tay!) was held at the Maharaja Banquet Hall. Nitu & Jessie chose beautiful decorations – check out these fun centrepieces!  Their decorator was Exquisite Creations.

Nitu had a very special entrance all to herself, and was greeted by a bouquet of roses from Jessie. Now that’s a gentleman!

Nitu & Jessie exchanged rings to complete their engagement.

I love this shot I grabbed while Nitu & Jessie watched a dance performance. I remember that from my engagement, not being used to having a ring on my finger. I fiddled endlessly with it, and now it would feel strange to NOT have a ring on my finger.

Two of our favourite people were guests at the wedding! You’ll recognize Ashu & Garry, we’ve been their photographers for a couple of years now, and we were happy to party with them again. Jessie found us through Garry, his good friend. We always love referrals!

There are three things you can count on during Indian celebrations. Food, dancing, and more food. We love all of it! This is a great shot of the dance floor. It’s always easy to spot Jessie. Looking for his head above the crowd was the only way I could find Nitu all night!

We always love to try different things at our shoots. This is a great photo to end this blog post on, an intimate moment between Nitu & Jessie.

Thank you both so much, and congratulations! We can’t wait for next summer.

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