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To say that we are busy right now is an understatement!  Wedding season has come fast and furious and we’re spending countless hours in the studio keeping up with all of our shoots. Actually….not countless! I’ve actually been logging my hours, and it’s fairly interesting. For anyone who is jealous of my travel and trips, I can assure you there is a trade-off in the summer!

I have a lot of blog posts coming your way shortly, and first up we have Ryland!  Ryland could not have asked for more amazing parents than Paul & Diana – I first met them the day that Paul proposed to Diana (via helicopter trip – check it out here!) and it’s so heartwarming to see their family grow. Paul is an avid hunter, and it was fun to incorporate part of that lifestyle into the shoot.  Congrats Paul & Diana, he is gorgeous, and so so lucky to have you two to raise him!  I know how important your faith is to you both, and I know you will raise a polite, hardworking, caring young man.

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This is our second shoot with this cute little family, and we have many more planned in the future!  Husdon and our son Andrew are around the same age and after the shoot they bonded over playing with trains.  He’s such a cutie.  Claire is so beautiful and we can’t wait to meet their newest bundle.

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Why is baby Lucas so adorable? Just look at his parents! This beautiful boy arrived on Canada Day with much anticipation from the whole family. We are so happy to have a new nephew.

I love his hat – what a cute little man!


Normally we don’t put pictures of people’s bums on our website (they don’t tend to show up at many weddings!), but I love this little bum. I just want to squeeze it!  Baby bums, toes, and hands are so precious.

Baby Sophie

May 6, 2009

Sophie has arrived! Her beautiful mommy had maternity photos done before her arrival, and I returned to their house to celebrate the arrival of this sweet little bundle.

Baby Lyndon

May 2, 2009

We met this beautiful baby boy when he was only four days old.  We were told it should be easy to get photos of him sleeping, he sleeps all the time.  We lucked out and arrived to find a wide awake little Lyndon.  He finally conked out by the end of the session. Such a sweet little face, to make your heart melt.  Lyndon is the first of the Shandro Kids babies, and we’re looking forward to many more in the future.

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