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Sexy, playful, summer.  Keegan and Curtis love hiking together, and wanted a natural setting for their engagement session with Michael.  We’re so lucky to have an amazing river valley right in our backyard. I have to respect Keegan – she didn’t mind tramping through prickly bushes in her dress to get the photos she wanted!  These two are HOT and totally in tune with each other and I can’t wait to see their wedding photos from their romantic fall wedding in Edmonton next year!

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I love these two. We had a great adventure for their engagement session, I felt like I was hiking through the mountains with friends. They had found a really cool spot that they wanted to use for the session and I loved it.  We had a great warm summer evening. I can’t wait for their wedding in October!



I’m really looking forward to Bobbi Jo & Mike’s wedding at the Northern Bear Golf Club later this summer!  I spent a beautiful summer evening with them, and loved photographing them.  It’s always fun reconnecting with couples months after they book me for their wedding.

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Check out Bobbi Jo’s amazing eyes!  Gorgeous. I love her style, I can’t wait to see her wedding look.

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Edmonton wedding photographer

People sometimes ask us how we get such vibrant colour in our photos. It’s a little bit to do with our gear, a bit to do with our processing, but mostly due to mother nature – she gives us such breathtaking backgrounds to work with!

Edmonton engagement photographer

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Nav & Raj are tying the knot on one of the most in-demand weekends this year – August long weekend. They were really fun to work with, they look amazing, and Michael can’t wait for their wedding!

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Edmonton wedding photographer

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I try to be as careful as possible in our business.  The work that we do is so personal to our clients that I want to make sure nothing ever falls through the cracks. Just ask Michael, I have lists and Excel sheets of all shapes and sizes to keep track of what needs to be done.  Most of the time, I have to admit, I’m pretty awesome in the organization department. But, I’m human, and I do make mistakes.

By my quick calculation, this is our 94th blog post this year alone! But…I should have blogged it in June…oops.  Nam & Roubesh had a beautiful wedding that is on the blog already, but I missed posting their engagement session!  As the weather is starting to turn cold, lets hang on to summer with these warm images.

It’s amazing how a small touch like an earring can change the look of an image. Great choice Nam!

This is a fantastic silhouette (great job Michael!) – I love how their hands sort of form a heart.

Shantel & Desirae are our first same-sex couple, and the perfect couple to demonstrate that love is love, no matter what label you might try to put on it. They share a warm affection for each other, and were definitely not shy to snuggle for the camera. I was really happy when I showed Shantel & Desirae their photos – a few times they commented ‘that’s SO us!’ When my couples feel that way, I know I’ve done my job right. I can’t wait for their wedding at the Devonian Gardens later this month!

Leanne & Brody are getting married in Kelowna next year, and it sounds like the wedding is going to be incredible. While the weather is still good and the leaves are still (mostly) green, Michael met them for some romantic engagement photos.

OK, so we all know the weather is hot right now, but do you know what’s hotter? Carrie & Nick. Seriously hot. You’ll see them again in September and judging by Carrie’s fashion sense it’s going to be fabulous.

We hope you enjoy these hot photos on a hot summer day.

I think Nick looks amazing here - he has such an incredible smile.

So many of you already know Sameera and Nitin, and what wonderful couple they are. Nitin’s proposal was a hot topic on the internet! If you missed it, you can read about it here.

We are so excited about their wedding this year, a melding of two hearts, two families, and two cities – we are going to Vancouver for part of the wedding!

Enjoy these engagement photos, and you’ll see more of these two next year.

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